Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

....This year I will have available 1 diploid which I am very excited about.,

My daylilies have taken an interesting turn, for the better I think. Suddenly after all these years of hybridizing the flowers are larger, branching and height has increased.. I'm pretty happy with the results. I call these "The New Generation" I have one this year and plenty lined out for the future...the height, bud count and branching listed are likely the minimum you will see. Further south and with better care they should outdo those statistics.

I normally ship towards the end of April, if that is too early for you just let me know.

You can call or email per the instructions below.....First come first serve.

Thanks for taking the time to look these over......I hope to see many of you at meetings and the National sometime this year..... ~~~Bob

If you are interested in further information or buying one or more of these selections send me an email to: or you can call my land line--937-890-1297 or Cell 937-776-7288.

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Vinicius Lobo