Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

I am a bit late this year with my introductions. However here they are....this year I will have available 6 diploids and 1 tetraploids, which I am very excited about.

Since I am not the worlds' best grower, the height, bud couint and branching listed are likely the minimum you will see. Further south and with better care they should outdo those statistics.

I normally ship towards the end of April, if that is too early for you just let me know.

Where i have "single fan" listed I will always try to make it a double fan instead. It all depends on how they fare over the Winter.

You can call or email per the instructions below.....First come first serve.

Keep In Mind...several of these I have a very short supply....

Thanks for taking the time to look these over......I hope to see many of you at meetings and the National sometime this year..... ~~~Bob

If you are interested in further information or buying one or more of these selections send me an email to: or you can call my land line--937-890-1297 or Cell 937-776-7288.

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Angel Gabriel Boiling The Frog Dr. Jeckyl
Mr. Hyde Nothin' But Net Ray Rayburg *
Tiger Colors