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Where the extrodinary is common

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2019 Introductions

Festoons Of Jupiter FKA J.T. Polston If I Ran The Circus

2018 Introductions

Angel Gabriel Boiling The Frog Dr. Jeckyl
Mr. Hyde Nothin' But Net Ray Rayburg *
The Color of Tigers

2017 Introductions

A.J. Monnin Feanorian Lamps Ink & Pink
Killer Clowns
From Outer Space
Fat Freddies' Cat St. Louie Blues *
Tanzania Troglodyte *

2016 Introductions

Faerie Story Collection
Snow "Almost" White The Witches Poison Apple
Faerie Storie Bashful Faerie Storie Doc Faerie Storie Dopey
Faerie Storie Grumpy Faerie Storie Happy Faerie Storie Sleepy
Faerie Storie Sneezy

2015 Introductions

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Sunburnned Zebra Angkor Wat
Bug Splat Goliath Birdeater Martians Wearing Makeup
Lizzie Borden Show me your Etchings Eric S. Simpson

2014 Introductions

Egyptian Encryption Room Full of Mirrors Behold the Lamb
The Dance of the Sugar
Plum Fairy
Dancing to a Flute Pink Freud
Nampeyo The Legend of
Sleepy Hollow
What Does The Fox Say
Mug Shot The Trouble With
Sabers' Beads
Moon Over Parma The Nutcracker Plum Bob

2013 Introductions

Schroedinger's Cat Memorial To Flight 93 The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao
The Dish Ran Away With
The Spoon *
Boo Moon Feng Zhu
Miss Piggy's Wedding Rhapsody In Blue Forty-two Dollar Date

2012 Introductions

Picasso's Paint Brush Psychedlicious Greetings Earthling
Peppered Leopard What to Wear in
Switched at Birth
Leonardos' Perspective
of Color
Charlie Harper's Bizarre Clowns Taste Funny
The Vicar of Vogue

2011 Introductions

Almira Buffalo Bone
Dr Jules Michael *
Dragonfly in Flight
Barb Kedler Shirley Snyder *